Episode 1- The darkness within

I woke up sweating, elevated heartbeats and anxious as hell.This dream, this dream of mine isn't letting me sleep, Its the fifth day in a row. Looking at my own reflection- it looks like my caricature. I look scared, I don't look like the usual me.

World calls me by the name of Saurav Ghosh a twenty six year old engineer, working as a UI/UX developer. My work is long hours and short on giving me financial stability. With this Blue eyed boy dreams that I have been having since last few days, I am running low on fuel, I need my dose of sleep like right now!

This NCR weather - the smog, the pollution is killing the residents slowly including me. I get ready in a jiffy and book my ride to office. And the Uber arrives right on time, I throw my body in the backseat and a casual - "Chalo Bhaiyya" kickstarts my ride. The thoughts come rushing back to me again, this blue eyed boy seemed surreal to me,all of it feels like a reality. He would come running to me and ask me to save him, Save him? Save him from what exactly. But he seemed scared, his nervous energy spreads through to my body & I start trembling. There is though a feeling that someone is nearby, someone who is dark someone who is trying to push the wall and come inside. That boy, why is he alone? What about his parents and where does he comes in my house from?I live alone and in that multi story building with familiar faces but no friends it gets a bit scary and with these horrific dreams I feel I need someone to be there with me at all times.

"Bhaiyya Ji!!! Bhaiyyaaaa jiii" And I woke up from my slumber and realized that I was lost in my own world. I have reached my office and the cab driver was kind enough to let me know of it with decency, only if you know the drivers in NCR, you would actually know what I mean by that. I move out and climb the stairs to my office. The day goes by like the usual days, uneventful and loaded with work. I rarely get the opportunity to look away from the screen of my monitor. I am feeling sleepy, my eyes are looking for an opportunity and excuse to shut themselves and help me float into a deep sleep, but I can not. This work and the dreams are taking a toll on me.

Finally the working hours are over unlike the continuous work that keeps on coming to me. I look at the clock and it shows five past nine. I hurriedly packed my bag and move out to see that its raining. This January cold combined with rain is enough to silence the entire town. Beauty with Gurgaon is that it quickly turns into a graveyard once the office rush hours are gone past. I waited for my ride to come and here comes my Uber.

I have started thinking would I be able to sleep tonight? Would the scary dream come back to haunt me again? Those eyes, that beautiful blue color yet there is emptiness in those eyes. An emptiness that I have never ever seen before and that is what scares me the most,I realized that there are Goosebumps all over my body just thinking of the dream. Setting that aside I shift my focus to the idea of how to get my sleep today. Maybe I would try the Hanuman Chalisa today? I have never been too big on the religious front but, whats the loss? I should try it. Lets see if that can help me.

I reached my building, my nest is in the sixth Tower of the society and I quickly take the elevator to my floor, in reality I was scared this emptiness in my society scares me. I am the kind of guy who would probably have the soundest of sleeps surrounded by urban chatter,noises and disturbances. I pressed the sixth floor button and the elevator makes the usual Ding! As I close by my apartment door it seemed a little different today, someone has finally moved in to the flat just next to mine.This flat has been vacant since the day I shifted here and it has been three long years. I wanted to play CID and try to overhear or oversee something that can assure me of my doubts i.e. someone seems like to have moved in that flat for sure but I was tired and just wanted to hit the bed.

Entering the flat I can now clearly hear some noise in the adjoining flat, these builders have decided to make the walls thinner to the extent until the wall just becomes like a thin stack of Styrofoam. Cursing them for the quality I went about my business. My dinner was again a formality, A bowl of Muesli and Milk- I don't have energy enough to cook something so deciding the shortcut way of not sleeping on an empty stomach. And the doorbell rings!!!

I never have visitors, I don't expect any at this hour for sure. A thousand thoughts rushed to my mind of who might that be? And I slowly walked towards the door. I opened the door and saw a little boy turned facing away from the door and the moment he turned it all FROZE!!! I froze from fear, it seemed like blood stopped gushing in my veins. It all went dark just like someone punched me in my gut, my throat is dry, My eyes widen with disbelief.

What was I looking at- A pair of BLUE EYES looking right at me.

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