Episode 2- First Contact

I was struggling to breathe and to come to terms with reality, this is the same boy & the same eyes that have been haunting me for the last five days. I am frozen and looking at those eyes, I have lost the connect with the world & that is when I felt a touch on my arm and pulling me back to reality "Are you ok? Is everything all right?". I saw a mid aged lady standing next to the child with a worried look on her face, I mumbled "Yes,no....Yes I am alright". She introduced herself as Mohini mother of the child "Rahul"- I can now put a name to that face,more specifically to those eyes. Rahul innocently held on to a cup and he rang the doorbell to ask for a cup of milk. The adult Mehra's wanted to have a cup of chai and unfortunately with the shifting and the work they forgot to get the milk.

The Mehra's have moved just this afternoon and the family includes Aryan- the father, Mohini- the mother & Rahul who has just turned 7. Aryan is a CTO at one of the IT firms in the famous DLF Cyber City and Mohini also has a very fancy title as a profession to which I never paid attention. I was engrossed with the thoughts of Rahul, why was he in my dreams? How come all of this was happening just days before them moving in? There were a lot of questions but no answers. The barter took place- I got to know who they where in exchange of a cup of milk and they went in their apartment.

I wanted to asked them and tell them about what I have been seeing and experiencing but I stopped myself, I would have looked and sounded like a psycho to them. They don't know me and I don't know them besides the face and eyes of Rahul.

I am growing uneasy and started feeling unwell, my head hurts with all these questions but have decided to put them off for tonight. I need to sleep & I moved to my bed, somewhere deep inside me I knew something was not normal and something had to happen.All all could not just be plain co-incidence. I never knew when I dozed off lost in these thoughts.

I woke up to a chilly breeze blowing right across my face, It was surprising to see one of my windows open and the curtain been blown away by gushes of wind. The wind is chilly and I had no choice but to get up and close the window, cursing I leap off my bed and close the window but I was sure that the windows were closed- maybe my mind is playing tricks on me. I turned around and saw something that was enough to turn my blood to ice!

I could see a shape, a dark entity walking right in my room, more like slithering and it slowly slithered into my bed under my blanket right next to where I was sleeping. I could not move and I could not speak, I am turned to stone. I am trying hard to move, to shout for help and to run away from the room but nothing was happening. I am sure that I am not imagining these things, I can see the shape of the entity under my blanket, I can see the outlines & the raised blanket- still struggling to move. Suddenly my ears start to ring to a loud noise piercing my eardrum,more like a shriek and it grew louder and louder and louder. I was in agony, in deep pain - I can not take it any longer, my head will blow up and suddenly it all went silent. The blanket settled down, I can move now & the loud noise has gone away. I felt such a relief like I have been brought back to life but my relief was short lived.

I felt a hand on my shoulder reaching out from the back and some whispers, from the mumbles slowly it grew clearer " You will not be able to save him Saurav, the more you try the more pain we will bring to you" a voice echoed right behind my right ear "We will get to him & we will get to you,YOU BOTH HAVE BEEN CHOSEN" just as those words died I felt a vacuum being created in the room and with a force all of the windows in my room blasted open.

There was an eerie silence in the room, like a void-nothing seemed real to me. I gathered the leftovers of my energy and courage to run out of the room to the Pooja Ghar and decided to spend the entire night awake. The wall of the Pooja room is adjacent to the next flat and I could hear a child sobbing, Is that Rahul? Is he crying? What is all of it about?

I could hear a very faded voice of Mohini " There is nothing in your room Rahul, There are no ghosts" followed by murmurs of her probably talking to Aryan "He has seen that dream again, The dream of that DARK ENTITY he has been seeing for last few days". What she said next reaffirmed my fears, Rahul has been seeing the same Dark entity who has just made its first contact with me. My dreams- are they true? Am I supposed to save Rahul, Am I his last hope?

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