Episode 3- Desperate for Answers

Rahul and myself- we have a common thing, we are probably seeing the same dark entities & we both are at risk. My mind goes back to my dream and how the innocence in Rahul's eyes was begging a question to me. "Would you be able to save me Saurav? Would you be able to help me?"

I have made up my mind, I will talk to the Mehra's tomorrow first thing in the morning. This needs to get sorted out, if Rahul is in danger then we need to do anything in our power to save him. And I dozed off right in the puja ghar leaning off to the common wall between the two flats.

I woke up to a loud noise of door slamming, this was coming from Mehra's flat. Crap, they left? I needed to- no I had to talk to them. By the time I rushed out they were gone, this had to wait for another day now. I looked at the watch and it shows 9:45 AM, I was late and have to rush to reach to office now.

I am in office but my mind is wandering off someplace else, I have been thinking of how odd it would be to talk to Mehra's directly on this thing, how would I explain? No actually what would I explain? I decided I needed to know more about the Mehra's first, maybe ask the watchman or the society members. I cant wait for it anymore, I feel the late it gets the more risk it is to Rahul. I looked at the clock its 3:30 PM & I took a half day and left for home.

The only issue is that I have not been a real social types in the society since the day I have shifted, I haven't been talking to a lot of people, the only person I can boast to know is the watchman who sits outside the building lift. Also people have really not been friendly to me, I tried talking to few people in my building & on my floor but it has hardly got me anywhere so I simply shut down my efforts. Maybe, I being a bachelor & living all alone was not the kind of person who this society could befriend.

I asked to the watchman and he told that he also does not know much about the Mehra's but yes he had a story to tell. He told that the floor which we lived on had seen some disturbing activities in the past, there was a suicide which happened in one of the flats and since then people have been complaining of supernatural activities on the floor. I did the 1+1 maths and came to the conclusion that it was probably the Mehra's flat- it was vacant since I moved in and there was no one to move in the flat even when it was listed on various platforms as available for rent. I guess people did not want to move in that flat due to the back story.

Now it is all making sense to me, the dark entity was in the flat and it wanted to harm Rahul or maybe do whatever else it had in its mind. I decided to go and talk to few people from my building and on my floor.

Flat after flat- I was welcomed with the door being awkwardly shut on my face, though very politely but still the people did not want to talk to me at all on this. They made excuses and never gave any answers to me when I asked of the suicide in the building and details related to it. I was going to give up when my last attempt struck gold for me. Mr.Rakesh Pandey, an eighty three year old from fat number 558 on the fifth floor was free enough to entertain my questions. And the story unfolds.

He told me that there was a flat on 6th floor, he wasn't sure of the number but I knew it was Mehra's. A family of four lived there some 5 years ago, the family shifted from Nashik,Maharashtra. There was the husband- Arun who worked in IT sector and the housewife- Kamini along with the 2 children Varun and Naman. Rakesh ji told me that since the day they moved he did not like the vibes from that family, he was sure there was something wrong with the lady of the house. Neighbours often complaint of the noises coming from that house, usually of fights and sometimes they even suspected domestic violence. Kamini was not social at all, she never joined the Kitty parties and social activities and also never allowed the children to attend anything at all. They did not have any friends in the society, Poor lads!

Soon after- near to the diwali time people started observing strange stuff, they found pierced dolls on their front gates, neembu mirchi kept inside red clothes as well. This was something that did not went down well with the society members and they installed CCTV's to check who was the person behind it. The answer they got was Kamini. She was practicing black black magic and she was caught red handed in the CCTV footage.

The next society meeting- they were called and Kamini was asked to explain all of her activities, Arun was furious and he started hitting Kamini right there and kept on shouting- " You promised you won't do these things again, you wont mend your ways. I will mend you this time". The people from society had to intervene and stop Arun from hitting Kamini anymore. Rakesh ji was a lead member of the society that time and he said" I clearly remember her eyes, it was full of anger and hatred. She was mumbling something when she was lying on the floor and she kept of mumbling it". Soon after Rakesh ji heard what it was" I will make everyone pay, no one will be spared. My humiliation would be answered"

Surprisingly unlike what Rakesh expected, nothing happened. She came out in a meeting & apologized to everyone and promised not to do any such activities in future. Her family seemed happy, everything seemed normal. UNTIL!!!!

Three weeks later- what happened shook the entire society. The entire family was dead! Further details divulged- Kamini poisoned the children and then committed suicide by handing herself to the fan. And a message written in blood, Big bold letters " YOU WILL ALL PAY". That sent a wave of shivers in my spine. The society members after this incident faced a lot of unexplained and supernatural activities. The pierced doll kept on showing up on doors, they saw dark entity running across the floors and flats. People being shook from their slumber.

It all went on until they decided to call someone and get the exorcism for the flat and the floor done, only after that there was some relief to the residents. Some people still hear something out of that flat and corridors but the activities are limited now.

Now,I have answers to everything.I know whats troubling myself an Rahul. I know whats the entity and how dark it is.The question still remains and it haunts me " How to save Rahul?" I want to find answer to this and soon before anything goes terribly wrong.