Episode 4-The Beginning of the end...

Something jolted me and woke me up, I am drenched in sweat but I am feeling extremely cold. The atmosphere seems to be eerily different than any other day. I looked up to the clock on the wall and it shows 2:44 AM. I dozed off after coming back and continuously thinking over all that is happening around me.

I am feeling really uncomfortable with all this sweat almost creating a layer over me. I think it would be best if I take a quick shower to clear my body and head of all this uncomfortable thoughts. Walking into my dark bathroom just like any other day did not turn out like any other day for me. I watched in horror - my reflection gazing back to me but it could not be my reflection, could it be ? How could it be? What the mirror was showing me was my reflection indeed but my face,neck & hands covered in thick layer of BLOOD!

I turned on the lights and saw that it was indeed true, I was covered in blood. I am worried where did I hurt myself and how did I bleed so much. I quickly stood under the shower to wash off the blood to see where the injury was, I could not locate my wound. There was no injury on my body, there was no blood oozing out of any old scars. I wanted to inspect further, coming out of the bathroom I turned on the lights of the room and saw a patch of blood where I was sleeping. It was still warm and damp to the touch. I saw some drag lines of blood moving out of my bedroom to the hall area. I followed it to find myself in the kitchen where the marks of blood have ended. They ended right in front of a cupboard right beneath my sink. Though I was scared but I decided to open it and see what would be awaiting me, as soon as I opened them I was taken aback by something that I never expected. Big blue eyes staring back at me! Rahul was terrified to see me and he was trembling with fear. I asked him to come out but he kept on staring at me doing nothing, just plainly simply staring in the void.

I pulled him out and saw him bleeding from multiple small cuts on hands and legs. I washed them off, treated the wounds. But I now know how I was covered in blood, that wasn't my blood but his. I asked him what happened. He wasn't speaking much in the beginning but soon he opened up. He told me he woke up in my lap , he started to talk to me but I never responded but I was looking at him in extreme anger and disgust. He was soon scared of me and decided that he needs to run away, that is when I injured him with a knife and I fell half unconscious shouting" it is still not the time", "the killing needs to wait".

I am stuck now, all I have is one night to solve this- or maybe not that much time even. Mehra's have discovered Rahul missing. There is a lot of shouting, crying and a lot of disturbance coming from their flat. What should I do next?

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