Forlorn Existence

I met him at a crossing and his face looked tired, his body unable to muster the strength to stand any longer but he was still managing somehow. His knees were trembling, his hands shaking and it seemed it has been days since he last ate.

The white hair he had has lost its shine, turned mucky and dirty, his face full of wrinkles, every wrinkle counting up to what an experienced life he had. He seemed to be around 75 or maybe 80. I am not sure, but he seemed similar, his face seemed to resemble someone I know or maybe which I knew once.

I realized my Grand dad would have been almost the same age if he would have been alive. I loved the way my Grandpa would conduct himself, every morning waking up by 6 that too excited about the day. He was retired, all he had was a friend in a newspaper and a KHAAT which was layed outside so that he can enjoy his newspaper in sunlight and fresh air.

His hair were my favorite and possibly his too, he has silver like shiny white hair and he always had them neatly combed, I was a first hand witness of how the time he took to comb his hair slowly increased by every passing year. He still made sure that he did them properly.

I can suddenly see the resemblance, old age is a tough thing. If you wash this guy's hair maybe dress him right, he would very much look like my Grandpa. The same amount of wrinkles, the same kind of tremble in the hands. I still don't understand what happened to me and I rolled down my window to call him towards me, it was wrong of me to ask him to walk towards me, his every step looked painful- a pain that I was somehow feeling now for him.

He reached towards me and I handed him whatever little I could gather from my wallet. Maybe it was his first for the day, or maybe week? Those eyes almost looked dead at every car window which didn't roll down to help him, I now see them glitter with hope and happiness. He raised his hand kept it over my head and blessed me.

The signal turned green and the car slowly started to move, he was moving towards the signal and saw him sit down nearby some little kids and all I was able to hear those fading words" We will have a full meal today" which was enough to give me chills as well as a satisfying feeling. I was happy, truly happy.

A kind appeal: If your are capable and humane enough please lend a hand to people that are struggling and fighting to exist. However hard life is or has been a little hope will give anyone courage enough to survive a day and hope that the next day is just like this one.


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