Once there was LOVE!

Once there was a Prince, who was special- really really special. He had a special power of taking away the world's pain. He had a magical touch, a touch that could heal a broken heart!

The King & Queen made sure that the prince was being brought up in a blessed environment. The King was highly loved and respected and the Queen was gentle and loved the people of the kingdom fairly. It seemed like the Prince was destined for great things, he was supposed to walk his father's footsteps.

The Prince growing up turned into a happy and kind soul, he loved sharing happiness with the common people making them laugh, heal them with his touch and take away the sorrow of the world- one touch at a time. Time flew by quickly, the prince was now a teenager

But was this supposed to go like this? Was it going to be that easy? World is a cruel cruel place and that unfortunate day came through- he saw her! That girl in blue dress! That lovely pair of big brown eyes! That one strand of hair falling in all the heavenly grace over her face. That was the moment the Prince realised , its meant to be- This is the love he has been waiting for.

He walked towards the girl, shaking and nervous and touched on her shoulder, time seemed to have stopped while she turned towards her. Finally she did and as soon as she realised who stood in front of her, she bent down on her knees, greeting the prince- the kind in waiting to be more precise.

Prince was surprised, she is a commoner? She had beauty that could make Aphrodite jealous- yet she was from common people. Prince thought of her to be from a special lineage, one that would be a match to his if not above it. But love has its own magical way of weaving a story.

And here it began, the prince proposed and the girl was on cloud nine! she could not believe her luck, she was being loved by the prince. Slowly and gradually the love turned from new to intense. From just looking into each other's eyes to envisioning togetherness forever and ever. It was time, time of realisation of this beautiful relationship into something heavenly special.

Prince came through his promise- the girl was afraid that the prince might not tell his parents. She was rightly scared. She was a commoner, not from a special lineage. Nothing besides her beauty and her heart of gold made her special. Lo and behold the prince told the King and the Queen. He was waiting to share this with his family to see the happiness multiply two-folds.

But it was a grey day, cloud cover and a lot of rain with thunder. Rain was good enough to hide the tears rolling down the eyes of the prince and thunder loud enough to muffle the cry for help from the girl. SHE WAS KILLED!

How dare a common girl come about loving a PRINCE!! She had to be killed, it was the blood of the royal family that made them special and no commoner would dirty the lineage of the royal blood. Her blood needed to be drained out her physical being, Prince needed to marry someone equal to the family's status.

That night changed it all for the love struck couple. One was no more and the other had no soul. The Prince came through his promise once again- he promised the girl. He would cease to exist without her. The prince had a special power to heal broken hearts, but he could not heal his own heart which was shattered beyond saving. He committed the ultimate sin, he took away his life. In the reflection of his blood mixed with his tears- for the final time everyone saw a reflection of the couple, holding each other, looking deep into each other's eyes and promising of a better world far away from the cruel people.

They were finally free to be themselves and love each other with nothing coming in between. Though they did not live happily every after but they were together now- and I suppose they are happy together wherever they are. P.S: A tale as an answer to the HONOUR KILLINGS. You may kill them but you can never stop the love from fulfilling its end goal. They were going to be together any which ways.

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